How can I become a real estate broker?

In Ontario, you need to be a registered real estate salesperson and have successfully completed the Real Estate Broker Program, prior to applying for registration with RECO.

To register with RECO, you must:

    • have successfully completed the Real Estate Broker Program; and
    • have been registered as a salesperson for at least 24 of the 36 months preceding the date of application.

If you meet the above requirements, you may apply to change your registration category from salesperson to broker by completing the Application for New Salesperson/Broker form at any time during your registration cycle or, by providing your Real Estate Broker Program transcript at the time of your registration renewal.

Visit Humber’s website to learn more about becoming a registered real estate broker and getting started with the Real Estate Broker Program.

Important note for OREA students: In order to qualify to enroll in the Real Estate Broker Program, you must have completed courses in both real estate law and commercial transactions.

If you have completed the required courses, your OREA student record would reflect passing grades for the following courses:

    1. Real Property Law; AND
    2. One of the following commercial courses:
        • – The Commercial Real Estate Transaction
          – Phase 3 Commercial
          – Phase 3 ICI

If you have not completed the required courses, you must complete the equivalent course requirements through Humber College before enrolling in the Real Estate Broker Program:

OREA College Humber College
Real Property Law Course 1: Real Estate Essentials
Exam 1: Invigilated Theory Exam
The Commercial Real Estate Transaction Course 4: Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Exam 4: Invigilated Theory Exam

If you need to verify your course history, contact OREA: or 1-866-411-6732