Effective March 1, 2023

Application typeFee
New Salesperson/New Salesperson - Interprovincial$356 ($306 + $50 application review fee)
New Broker (change from salesperson to broker)* $50 application review fee for a change during a registration cycle
** $306 fee if processed at the time of renewal of registration
New Broker – Interprovincial
New Brokerage/Partnership/Sole Proprietor
$356 ($306 + $50 application review fee)
New Branch$306
Renewal Salesperson/Renewal Broker$350 ($306 + $44 Continuing Education (CE))
Renewal Brokerage/Branch/Partnership/Sole Proprietor$306
Reinstatement Salesperson/Broker$400 ($306 + $50 application review fee) + $44 MCE fee
Reinstatement Brokerage/Partnership/Sole Proprietor$356 ($306 + $50 application review fee)
Reinstatement Branch$306

Notice of Name Change Salesperson/Broker
Notice of Change (Closure) – Branch
Notice of Address Change Brokerage/Partnership/
Sole Proprietor
No Fee
Notice of Change Brokerage/Partnership/Sole Proprietor$50 application review fee
TerminationNo Fee
Educational Equivalency Assessment$100
Continuing Education$44 (payable with renewal application fee)
NSF cheques$35

*During registration cycle, the registration expiry date remains the same.
**At time of renewal, a new two-year registration cycle commences.


Any eligible amounts will be refunded to the registrant or applicant, in the payment format originally used to make the payment. For example, a registrant who paid online by credit card would have the refund amount returned to that credit card. Refunds issued to a third party require the written consent of the registrant or applicant.

Once an application has been processed, the application fee is not refundable.

If an application is incomplete or abandoned prior to approval, the $50 application review fee applicable to New and Reinstatement applications is retained and the application fee itself is refundable.

All other fees are non-refundable.