Canadian Criminal Record Check Requirement

Updated November, 2010

Being able to verify the criminal record history of registrants is an important step in ensuring appropriate consumer protection. Until recently, RECO has always had the ability to verify the criminal record history of any registrant or applicant directly through the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). However, due to some changes in procedure, the OPP will no longer release an individual’s record without the identity of that individual being confirmed in person. Therefore, RECO is no longer able to obtain Canadian criminal record checks on behalf of our applicants and registrants.

In order to continue to provide appropriate consumer protection, the following applicants are required to obtain an original Canadian criminal record check from their local police service on their own and submit it along with their application to RECO:

        • New salesperson or broker applicants
        • Reinstating salespersons or brokers whose registration has been terminated for more than 60 days
        • Registrants who undergo a category change (i.e. from salesperson to broker, or broker to sole proprietor)
        • Applicants applying as new officers, directors and shareholders or changes in these positions
        • New sole proprietor applicants
        • New brokers of record and branch managers or changes in these positions

In addition to the individuals mentioned above, RECO may also require a Canadian criminal record check from any registrant or applicant the Registrar deems necessary.


I don’t have a criminal record. How do I request a clearance report?

        • Ensure you obtain a clearance report well in advance of applying for registration as some jurisdictions are experiencing a high volume of requests and may take eight weeks or more to process the report.
        • Visit your local police station or private accredited fingerprinting agency. Canadian criminal record check requests are usually required to be made in person.
        • Bring two pieces of identification to verify your identity. Both forms of identification must confirm your name, date of birth and address, and one piece of identification must include a photo.
        • Complete an application for a Canadian criminal record check. Note: the application forms will vary between police services.
        • Specify your request is for employment services and do not request a vulnerable sector search. This will speed up the processing of your report.
        • Pay the required fee, usually about $30 depending on the police service.
        • Submit your application to RECO along with the original Canadian criminal record check dated within six months of the application submission.

If you submit your RECO application without the Canadian criminal record check, we will begin processing your application; however, you will need to provide us with the original Canadian criminal record check before your application can be completed.

Please note: only original documents will be accepted, RECO will not accept photocopies of Canadian criminal record checks.

For individuals in Toronto, requests for clearance reports – a formal document issued by the Toronto Police Service that indicates that you have no criminal convictions in the National Repository of Criminal Records – can either be made:

All other registrants should contact their local police service for any details on the process to be followed.

If you have further questions about how to obtain a Canadian criminal record check, please contact your local police.

I do have a criminal record to disclose. How do I obtain a criminal record check to verify either outstanding charges or convictions?

If you have a criminal offence to disclose, you should check with your local police service well in advance of submitting your application to determine the process for obtaining a written report. You may be required to verify your identity through a civil fingerprinting screening service – a process that may take in excess of 120 days – before the RCMP will release the information.

In this situation, the Registrar may require you to:

          • Submit a copy of your receipt to confirm that your fingerprints were taken from an accredited agency
          • Submit a copy of the money order or certified cheque payable to “Receiver General for Canada” used to pay the fingerprint verification fee
          • Submit a copy of the completed RCMP third-party consent form listing RECO as the Third Party Consent Form
          • Accept voluntary conditions of registration that will be re-evaluated once the verification report is received from the RCMP
          • Submit an original sworn statement declaring the details of your charges and/or convictions Affidavit


Please note that the RCMP requires that fingerprints must be taken on form C-216C at your local police station or private accredited fingerprinting agency. Depending on the police jurisdiction, a fee may be required. For more information on civil fingerprinting screening services, visit

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