Canadian criminal record check requirement

Updated December 10, 2020

One of the key elements of consumer protection is to verify any criminal record history that registrants/applicants may have. As such, we rely on Canadian Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Checks to assess an individual’s fitness for registration, under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (the “Act”).

In order to provide the appropriate level of consumer protection, the following applicants/registrants are required to obtain an original Canadian Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Check (CCRJMC) from their local police service, or online via Commissionaires or Frontier One, and submit it to RECO in support of their application, or as requested by the Registrar:

    • New salesperson applicants.
    • Applicants who have pending charges and/or a criminal record history.
    • Reinstating salespersons or brokers whose registration has been terminated for excess of 60 days.
    • Newly appointed officers, directors and individuals holding 10% or more shares.
    • Newly appointed brokers of record (for all ownership types, including partnership and sole proprietorship) and branch managers.

In addition to the circumstances above, registrants and applicants may be required to submit a CCRJMC upon request.

How to Obtain a Canadian Criminal Record Check

    • Obtain a CCRJMC well in advance (3-4 months is recommended) of applying for registration as some services experience a high volume of requests and it may take eight weeks or more to issue the report.
    • Visit your local police service or RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency. CCRJMC requests are usually required to be made in person; however, some jurisdictions have online options.
    • If you have a criminal record, fingerprint verification is typically required.
    • Bring two pieces of identification to verify your identity. Both forms of identification must confirm your name, date of birth and address, and one piece of identification must include a photo. Check the website of your local police service to confirm their particular requirements.
    • Completion of an application for a CCRJMC is typically required.
      Note: the application forms will vary between police services.
    • Specify your request is for employment services. A vulnerable sector search is NOT necessary, unless specifically requested by RECO.
    • Required fees vary between police services and accredited facilities.
    • Submit your application for registration to RECO along with the original CCRJMC.
      Note: the CCRJMC must be dated within six (6) months of the date your application is received by RECO.

If you submit your RECO application without the CCRJMC, we will not start processing your application. To avoid unnecessary delays, please submit the CCRJMC with your application.

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