February 27, 2018

Education update: High-tech learning coming to Registration Education

With just over a year to go until the launch of the new Registration Education program, we are excited to provide you with an update on the progress we’ve made.

The design and development of the course content is well underway, and we are seeing the first glimpse of the leading edge immersive technologies that will be used for eLearning. Video scenarios will feature realistic characters and environments, in common real estate situations. The media development team includes experts who have worked on major motion pictures and popular online games.

A series of subject matter experts and former OREA curriculum staff are working with the course designers, with a focus on having students be ‘practice-ready’ when they complete the program. Together, they are ensuring the content accurately reflects day to day activities and challenges, and covers all of the foundational knowledge new registrants need.

Much progress has also been made on the structure and format of the in-person facilitation (via physical classroom or virtual classroom) to provide extra coaching and support to learners who want it. There will be flexible scheduling options for these sessions, including part or full-time, and days, weekends or evenings.

In addition, RECO and OREA are meeting regularly to collaborate on transition planning as the current program winds down. Incremental changes introduced in the coming months will ensure a smooth transition. These changes will be clearly communicated to all registrants and students by both OREA and RECO.

New electives for Mandatory Continuing Education program

As RECO continues building the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) electives catalogue, three new electives will be released in April. Ongoing feedback from registrants indicated that the following topics would be of particular interest:

  • Home Inspections
  • Waterfront Properties
  • Introduction to Commercial Leasing

Once launched, there will be a total of 12 MCE elective options available to registrants, with another three in production for release later this year.

We encourage registrants to continue providing suggestions for future electives when they fill out our feedback surveys.

Coming soon: RECO’s education blog

This spring, we’ll launch a new blog to provide regular updates on both registration education and MCE.