Do you want to find out how many offers were made on a property?

If you are a buyer or a sales representative for a buyer, you can ask RECO to find out how many offers were made on a property.

Once we find out, we will tell you. If there is an issue, we will investigate.

Note that the law in Ontario dictates that multiple bidders on the same property are not allowed to know the dollar amount or conditions included in one another’s bids.

RECO uses a two-step process when we receive an inquiry. First, we confirm the number of offers that were actually made. Then, if you request it, we can open a complaint and investigate.

Step 1: Confirming the number of offers

    • Only a buyer who made an offer on the property or their sales representative may request the number of offers. When you make your request, we will confirm you are eligible to make a request.
    • If you qualify, you can go to the complaints section of RECO’s website and fill out a complaint form to request information about the number of offers. (It’s only an inquiry at this stage, but we use the complaint form because it’s the best way to open a case with us and we need all of the same information to follow up on your inquiry).
    • Make sure you give us enough information to identify the property in question and confirm that you are eligible to be told the number of offers. RECO will confirm the number of offers with the brokerage and tell you. Please keep in mind we cannot tell you the amounts or any other details of the offers.

Step 2: Opening a Complaint

    • Once we confirm the number of offers, we will ask you if the actual number is different from what you were told. If there is a discrepancy, we will ask if you want to file a complaint against the listing sales representative.
    • If you decide not to pursue a complaint, your inquiry will be closed. (see Note below)
    • If you choose to go ahead with a complaint, you will be asked to submit any additional information and documentation that may not have been submitted with your first inquiry.

Please note: RECO may take enforcement action independent of your decision.