I want to file a complaint

RECO’s complaints process provides an impartial and flexible assessment of concerns from both consumers and real estate practitioners.

It is not necessary for you to determine if there has been of violation of the law, regulations or the Code of Ethics. We will review your complaint and determine whether or not RECO has the authority to deal with the matter. There are limitations as to what RECO can do under the law, so before you file a complaint, please read about RECO’s complaints process.

If you are a Broker of Record and you are filing a complaint regarding advertising, please complete the Advertising Complaint Summary Form. Please note that all advertising complaints must come from a Broker of Record or a consumer. Individual brokers or salespersons cannot submit advertising complaints directly.

Below are answers to common questions about RECO’s complaints process, including directions on how to file a complaint.

Throughout this overview, the term “real estate professional” will be used when referring to registered brokerages, brokers and salespersons.

Do you have a complaint about a real estate professional or someone holding themselves out as such?

With few exceptions, anyone trading in real estate in Ontario must be registered with RECO. Real estate professionals in Ontario are accountable for their conduct and competence. Our complaints process provides a way for you to bring your concerns to our attention about those trading in real estate.

Why is it important to file my complaint?

RECO can take action only if concerns are brought to our attention.

Real estate professionals in Ontario must follow the law, which includes a Code of Ethics.

As the regulator of real estate professionals, RECO relies on the information and feedback provided by consumers and other real estate professionals to identify and address violations of these rules.

Reporting your complaints and concerns helps RECO protect the public and improve education and practice guidelines for real estate professionals.

What can I expect after I file a complaint?

RECO’s complaints process provides a fair and flexible way to address concerns from both consumers and real estate professionals.

When you file a complaint, here’s what RECO will do:

    • Review your complaint and documentation and acknowledge receipt of your complaint;
    • Determine whether RECO has the authority to deal with the matter and advise you if we do not;
    • Notify the subject(s) of your complaint and their brokerage of the details of the complaint and provide accompanying material. They will be requested to respond to the allegations made in your complaint and provide their own supporting information and documents;
    • Make further inquiries and investigate to collect the facts to determine if the real estate professional’s conduct met the expected standard;
    • We may request additional information from you, including contact information for any parties involved who may be of assistance in the course of our inquiries and investigation. It is important to provide the names and contact information for people who may have information about the complaint;
    • If we find there has been inappropriate conduct, we will take action (click here for possible outcomes) to protect the public and deter future misconduct;
    • We will let you know RECO’s decision on your complaint.

Will the complaint I file be shared with the general public?

Depending on the outcome of the complaint, details may be posted to RECO’s website. If there is a conviction, the decision will be posted on RECO’s website. The names, addresses or other contact information of those providing information will not be shared with the general public.

How do I file a complaint?

There are two ways to file your complaint:

Online: Click here to file a complaint


    • Contact RECO and request a complaint form be faxed or mailed to you
    • Complete and sign the form
    • Attach any supporting documentation and names and contact information of people who might have information about the complaint
    • Send the completed form and documentation to RECO via fax, mail or courier to:

Office of the Registrar
Real Estate Council of Ontario
3300 Bloor Street West
West Tower, Suite 1200
Toronto, ON M8X 2X2
Fax: 416-207-4820

RECO will not begin looking into your complaint without a completed Complaint Form.

What are the possible outcomes?

RECO evaluates each complaint individually and based on the specific circumstances will determine a course of action.

When processing a complaint, RECO considers whether the real estate professional involved has a history of misconduct, which may escalate the chosen course of action and potential outcome.

Outcomes at-a-glance

No action if the complaint is not supported by evidence or falls outside of RECO’s authority.

In certain circumstances, RECO may attempt to resolve the matter or impose the following: a warning, a course, or a requirement.

RECO may escalate matters to pursue the following: a discipline hearing or a Provincial Court prosecution.

In situations where RECO believes the salesperson, broker or brokerage is no longer entitled to registration, RECO can seek a suspension or a revocation.

Click here for information about possible outcomes.

Click here for information about RECO’s complaints process.

Click here for information about being the subject of a complaint.