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For the RECOrd newsletter provides timely and relevant information for real estate professionals.

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Fall 2019

In this edition:
    • The future of education
    • Cannabis legalization and disclosure
    • 5 Tips that will help you build a great reputation
    • When the property is damaged after the offer: protecting buyer clients

Spring 2019

For the RECOrd Spring 2019 Newsletter
In this edition:
    • Cannabis legalization and disclosure
    • The future of education
    • Talking professionalism at RECO's Town Halls
    • When the property is damaged after the offer: protecting buyer clients

Fall 2018-Winter 2019

For the Record Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Edition
In this edition:
    • Protecting Your Client from Property Damage After the Offer
    • Mishandling of Offer Process Results in Major Fine
    • RECO's Refreshed Website
    • Pre-closing visits

Spring 2018

For the RECOrd Spring 2018 cover
In this edition:
    • RECO's Town Hall Report
    • Welcome to RECO's Education Blog
    • Selling with a Tenant
    • "Be Home Smart" Campaign


For the RECOrd Newsletter Cover
In this edition:
    • Entry Fees for Pre-Construction Access
    • RECO's Recommendations for REBBA Review
    • Failure to Disclose Multiple Representation Leads to Fine
    • 3 Reasons to Look Forward to the New RECO Update Course

Winter 2017

For the RECOrd Winter 2017
In this edition:
    • RECO's Consumer Campaign Kicks into Gear
    • Isn't it Just a Private Deal?
    • Call Before You Dig
    • The new MyWeb

Winter 2016

In this edition:
    • Find out how RECO reached out to the real estate sector, what we heard, and how we're taking action to make RECO better
    • Learn about new Registrar's Bulletins on commission rebates and referral fees

Summer 2015

Articles include:
    • Most common complaints spotlight series: offer handling
    • Returning deposits in failed transactions: what brokers of record need to know
    • Two key rule changes you need to know about
    • Say goodbye to renewal postcards

Spring 2015

Articles include:
    • Are you prepared for changes in offer handling?
    • Kitec plumbing and material facts
    • RECO takes action against online education cheating
    • Drones - Did you know?

Winter 2015

Articles include:
    • Do you know the rules for "coming soon" signs?
    • Understand new rules for handling offers
    • Clear communication leads to success
    • Registrant feedback is essential to the future of education

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