MyRECO certificate mobile app

MyRECO Certificate allows you to display your RECO registration certificate on your mobile device in real time instead of your paper registration certificate.

The app provides quick and easy access to your registration info and works on most devices. Here is how it works:

    • You don’t have to enter an “offline mode” to save an offline copy of your certificate. If you don’t have a connection, the certificate will always be viewable in the “View Certificate” tab.
    • People who want to confirm your registration can scan the QR code with any QR code scanning software.

Download the app

MyRECO Certificate is available for iPhone and Android devices with OS 10 or higher.

iPhone App store
Google Play store

How to use the app

First-time use

1 Get Certificate

The first time you open the app, tap the “Get Certificate” button, then enter your MyWeb login and password. The app will then display your electronic certificate, along with a QR code.

Viewing and updating your certificate

After you’ve logged in, you can always use the “View Certificate” tab to see your electronic certificate, along with the date and time it was updated. This will always be available, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Screen shot of MyRECO app displaying certificate.

To update your certificate, visit the “Update Certificate” tab and enter your MyWeb login and password.

Providing feedback

If you have feedback about MyRECO Certificate, we want to hear about it. To send us your thoughts, tap the “link” icon in the top right corner of the app, then tap “Feedback.” The comments we receive will help us make improvements to the app.

Screen shot of MyRECO app displaying the Feedback link.

Scanning the QR code

If you are not a registrant but would like to confirm the registration of the individual visiting your property, the registrant will present you with a QR code to scan from the MyRECO Certificate app.

Scan the code using any QR code app. Once the scan is complete, you’ll be sent to a web page that verifies the real estate professional’s registration with RECO.

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