I have a disability. How do I apply for an accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code?

Educational Accommodation under Ontario Human Rights Code

This process applies only if you are currently registered as a salesperson or broker with RECO.

RECO is committed to accommodating persons with disabilities who require additional time to complete their educational requirements.

If you are currently completing your pre-registration phase, please contact Humber College.

Considerations apply only if you have a disability as defined under Section 10(1) of the Ontario Human Rights Code that has affected your ability to complete your course requirements.

“disability” means,

(a) any degree of physical disability, infirmity, malformation or disfigurement that is caused by bodily injury, birth defect or illness and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, a brain injury, any degree of paralysis, amputation, lack of physical co-ordination, blindness or visual impediment, deafness or hearing impediment, muteness or speech impediment, or physical reliance on a guide dog or other animal or on a wheelchair or other remedial appliance or device,

(b) a condition of mental impairment or a developmental disability,

(c) a learning disability, or a dysfunction in one or more of the processes involved in understanding or using symbols or spoken language,

(d) a mental disorder, or

(e) an injury or disability for which benefits were claimed or received under the insurance plan established under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997; (“handicap”)

A regulated health professional will be required to complete a RECO Request for Accommodation application form and specify how your needs can best be accommodated.

If you are submitting an application for accommodation and you are within 60 days of your registration expiry date, you will also need to include your completed registration renewal application package. Click here to access the renewal application forms.

At the time of applying, if you are enrolled in any post-registration courses offered by Humber College or are scheduled to complete any course exams, please provide this information with your application.

Original forms will need to be submitted. Photocopies or scanned documents will not be accepted.

If you are currently enrolled at Humber College and require modifications to your program for medical reasons, please contact Humber College.

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