OREA and Humber College COVID-19 Update

RECO’s education programs ensure Ontario’s real estate professionals have the required knowledge, skills and competencies to assist buyers and sellers.

In Ontario, real estate professionals must follow a defined learning path to become registered and to maintain registration.

The OREA Real Estate College is closing and all program requirements must be completed by no later than June 11, 2021.

No exceptions or extensions will be permitted. Please contact OREA directly for more information:
• 1-866-411-6732

Important note for OREA students: Individuals who completed the Salesperson Registration Education Program pre-registration segment at the OREA Real Estate College and are in their first registration cycle must complete their Articling courses and examinations by their renewal or reinstatement date, or by no later than June 11, 2021, whichever date comes first.

If you have not completed the required articling courses by June 11, 2021, you must complete the following equivalent requirements through Humber College in order to renew or reinstate your registration:

OREA College Humber College
No elective completed Post-Registration Phase (3 courses)
Real Property Law Course 1: Real Estate Essentials
Exam 1: Invigilated Exam
The Residential Real Estate Transaction Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions
Exam 2: Invigilated Exam
The Commercial Real Estate Transaction Course 4: Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Exam 4: Invigilated Exam

Please note this information applies only to RECO salespersons with a current renewal or reinstatement date.

The equivalent requirements (noted in the table above) does not apply to OREA students with incomplete pre-registration segment courses.

To qualify to apply to be registered as a salesperson with RECO, OREA students with incomplete pre-registration segment courses must complete all program components in the Pre-Registration Phase of the Real Estate Salesperson Program provided by Humber College, or alternatively, they may apply to RECO for Education Equivalency Assessment provided that they qualify to apply.

Here is more information on the Registration Education Salesperson Program delivered by Humber College.

Click each question to learn more.

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