Reaching out to consumers with our Be Home Smart campaign

In our last issue of For the Record, we talked about the Be Home Smart Tour, which is travelling to 13 consumer shows across the province. But that’s just one way that we’re reaching out to buyers and sellers.

“Across Ontario, consumers are wondering what they can do in a challenging real estate marketplace,” says RECO Registrar Joe Richer. “Whether it’s at a bridal show, in an online ad, or through a newspaper story, we want to reach out to all of them.”

Here’s what RECO’s doing to reach buyers and sellers.


Media outreach

The launch of the tour generated significant media coverage, including the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, and Waterloo Region Record. As the tour visits communities across the province, we’ll target local media with pitches tailored to each area’s real estate market.


Online ads

We’re using online ads to reach first-time homebuyers, up-sizers, and down-sizers.

Each ad features a common question that anyone in these three groups would likely have. Take first-time homebuyers, for example.

Banner ad for RECO's Be Home Smart tour


Once we’ve piqued a consumer’s interest, they can click the ad and then be brought to a landing page on our website, where they’ll see helpful content that applies to them as first-time homebuyers. And, of course, they’ll find the answer to the question at the top of the page. Since the ad campaign launched in September thousands of Ontario consumers have clicked through.

We’ve also created versions of the ads tailored for mobile viewers.


Social media

Social media is also playing a pivotal role in our consumer outreach efforts. We’re using Twitter to announce stops on our tour, and to promote the five pillar takeaways about the buying and selling process from our campaign:

  1. Read and understand everything before you sign.
  2. Be sure you and your representative are on the same page.
  3. Leave your emotions at the door.
  4. Know your tolerance for risk.
  5. Be flexible and have a back-up plan in place.
  6. Sponsored blog posts

Later this year, we’ll roll out sponsored posts on selected widely-read lifestyle blogs. The posts are written by each blog’s owner, while incorporating our messaging. It’s a great way to educate consumers through an author that they trust.

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