Continuing education transition is over and engaging new content added to online program

In 2013, RECO introduced a new online Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program. After a two-year transition period, the original program has now ended.

Every two years, when you renew, you will need to complete the RECO Update Course plus two electives, available only through RECO’s online program.

This MCE program provides many benefits, with course content focused on consumer protection, regulatory matters and current industry issues. Additionally, it provides more convenient access anytime and from anywhere.

About the MCE program

Every two years, registrants can meet their MCE requirements by completing:

  1. The Residential Update Course or the Commercial Update Course, plus
  2. Two elective courses

Since the launch of the MCE program in 2013, RECO has continued to add new courses that address key issues in the real estate marketplace.

A new Update Course has been introduced with key regulatory information:

    • Legislative changes on the handling of offers, the use of electronic signatures and documents in real estate, and anti-spam legislation
    • Maintaining compliance when using technology in your real estate business
    • Working with the aging population (residential version only)
    • Fundamentals of brokering a business (commercial version only)

The new Update Course will be available to all registrants renewing or reinstating their registration as of August 1, 2015. Registrants already in a continuing education cycle will continue with the existing Update Course, and will have access to the new Update Course after their renewal.

With seven electives currently available, registrants can choose from a wide variety of important topics:

    • Business Analysis
    • Business Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Environmental Site Assessments
    • RECO’s Insurance Program
    • Social Media for Real Estate Professionals
    • Brokerage Inspections

Registrants can look forward to even more options in the future, as we plan to launch three new electives each year and a new Update Course once every two years. Work is underway to add three more electives within the coming months:

    • Advertising Compliance
    • Residential Condominiums
    • Commercial Condominiums

Just $44 every two years gives you access to both Update Courses, as well as all of the elective courses available in the MCE program until your next registration renewal.

Here’s how to get started with the MCE program:

  1. Log on to MyWeb
  2. Click the purple “Online Continuing Education” button
  3. Make a payment of $44 using Visa or MasterCard
  4. Complete a system check to ensure that your computer is properly configured
  5. Watch a video that explains how to navigate and use the program

Once you have completed these steps you can return to the MCE program anytime to complete courses, prior to renewing your registration. Completion of the MCE program will be recorded on MyWeb automatically.

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