Complete the registrant survey to help RECO serve you better

Want to let us know how we can do a better job of providing essential services? Take a few minutes to complete RECO’s Registrant Satisfaction Survey.

Earlier this week, the Portage Group sent an email from with the subject line “RECO needs your feedback – 2017 RECO Registrant Survey.” This message went to all registrants, and included a personal and confidential survey link.

RECO won’t see the identity of respondents, so please be honest and tell us how you feel. (If you’ve already completed the survey, thank you!)

RECO conducts the survey every two years. In the last survey, we asked registrants to list three words to describe RECO, and they came back with “knowledgeable,” “professional,” and “fair.” The survey also showed high satisfaction with the inspections process (83.5 per cent said they were “very satisfied”), and 94 per cent agreed (strongly or somewhat) that regulating the real estate profession can provide great value for registrants.

Good news is always nice to hear, but the final report from Portage also gave RECO a wealth of candid – and valuable – information about how we needed to improve. Here’s a great example:

“Key concerns revolve around inconsistency in response to inquiries, and a lack of timely responsiveness to inquiries and processing of registrations, renewals, transfers, etc.”

This was feedback that we took to heart. Earlier this year, we took action to significantly reduce the time it takes to close a case file. And we recently opened a client services centre – a single contact point with specially-trained staff to address most inquiries on the spot, as they come in.

Receiving authentic and truthful feedback from registrants was an essential first step. We hope you will complete the survey so we can continue to improve.

After we’ve compiled the results, we’ll report our findings back to the industry and provide updates to any changes we make in response to the feedback.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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