3 reasons to look forward to the new RECO Update Course

The 2017 RECO Update Course is now available, in residential and commercial versions. Let’s count down the top three ways the new course content for the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program has been enhanced.

3. We’ve made it faster and easier to navigate, in response to registrant feedback. The course is easier for new users, and experienced users can jump right to the content.

2. To make sure the course is interesting to both to new and experienced registrants, we’ve made the mandatory content more challenging. Optional content is available for registrants who may need additional explanation.

1. Most importantly, the course includes fresh and innovative topics that are relevant to your daily real estate practice.

    • Showings and open houses (residential version): Leading practices regarding safety, privacy and risk mitigation for consumers and registrants
    • Real estate investments (commercial version): Real estate investment analysis, using direct income capitalization to estimate value and assist buyer and seller clients
    • Digital marketing: Creating an online presence, building content and enhancing your online presence
    • Real estate fraud: Types of real estate fraud, registrant responsibilities, mortgage fraud, title fraud scenarios
    • Regulatory update: RECO statistics, updates to insurance and registration education programs, RECO’s complaints and compliance process, contracts and electronic signatures, disclosure and compliance requirements in offer handling.

As of August 1, 2017, every time a registrant renews their registration, they will get access to the new course content after paying the $44 MCE fee. Until your renewal date, you’ll have access to the 2015 course.

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