1. Contact information
2. Event type
3. Event information
4. Audience (check all that apply)
5. Expected number of attendees (min. of 50 required)
6. Meeting start time
7. Event description
8. Presentation start time
9. Question and answer period?

Please encourage your members to submit their questions in advance so we can prepare for the Q&A. We ask that you provide a moderator for the Q&A portion of the presentation.

10. Presentation topics

All presentations will include a RECO update of approximately 10-15 minutes. You may also ask RECO to address the following topics. Check all that apply 

11. Please list the top compliance issues and trends in your board.
12. Additional comments
13. Will you be promoting RECO’s participation at your event (social media, internal and external)?

If yes, RECO must approve content that mentions our speakers or participation in the event. Please send the materials for approval to recocommunications@reco.on.ca prior to publication.

If your request is confirmed, you are responsible for providing a laptop, projector and screen at the venue.