Complaint form

Here’s what you will need to have ready to file a complaint:

a. Information about you (the person filing the complaint).

b. Name and contact information about the person or organization you wish to complain about.

c. A written description of your complaint that can be typed into a comments box or uploaded as an electronic document.

d. Any documents that support your complaint, such as listing information, representation agreement, agreement of purchase and sale, correspondence, waivers, amendments, photographs, recordings, etc.

We also need to know if you will help us if we proceed with this complaint. Please read the paragraphs below and click Accept or Do Not Accept.

If you do not accept, RECO will not proceed with your complaint.


In submitting this form, I agree to cooperate with RECO in its review and processing of this complaint. I understand that I may be interviewed and, if this matter is referred to a hearing or trial, I may need to appear as a witness.

I understand that RECO will, to the extent it deems appropriate in its sole discretion, provide the person(s) against whom I am complaining and any third parties necessary to deal with this complaint, with the information and documents that I submit to RECO, including this Complaint Form and attachments.

We are unable to process your complaint
Please contact the Complaints, Compliance, and Discipline department for further assistance:


Please fill in your personal information. Note: all of these fields are mandatory.

Your role (please check one)

Who is the subject of your complaint?

Are you taking legal action?

What is the address of the property you are filing about?

Tell us briefly about your complaint in the box below. Please include the address of the property/transaction in question. Note: you can attach more detail and other supporting documents below.

Attach supporting documents
Electronic files can be no larger than 10MB

Please review the information you have provided before you submit your complaint. You can print this page for your records.

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