MCE Review: Registrants called to participate in survey

MCE Review: Registrants called to participate in survey

RECO has launched a formal, third-party review of the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program that involves extensive research and consultation with industry experts and stakeholders, including all registrants. CamProf Inc. is the independent consultant leading the review.

Starting Monday, May 14, CamProf Inc. will send registrants a link to a survey about the MCE program and RECO encourages all registrants to participate. If registrants do not see the email, they are advised to check their spam folder for a message from CamProf Inc.

The survey period will run for two weeks, from May 14 to May 28. Over time, RECO has heard feedback on the program. Registrants now have the opportunity to formally share their insights so that they can be reviewed and considered for implementation.

The feedback and insights gathered during the MCE review will help RECO further enhance the program for all Ontario registrants. The review is exploring all aspects of the program, including:

  • the overall learning experience;
  • the technology platform; and
  • course delivery methods, including the feasibility of introducing classroom options.

By participating in the review, registrants can do their part to help maintain high professional and educational standards in the industry.


  1. I was getting an error when I tried to use this
    I think the courses should continue on line in class is old school.
    BUT it is a money grab to have the renewal cycle two years at 350.00
    it fees to be changed to a THREE YEAR CYCLE RENEWAL.
    and the fee should be reduced to 125.00 with 57,000 agents in Ontario.
    I have sold real estate for 40 years in Ontario without ever been charged or in a court room over a real estate deal.
    also I made a complaint against remax agents tricking the public on submitting the whole office listings in their booklet tricking the public to think they are the listing agent for all those 50 listings this is falso and midleading
    and must be stopped
    – I get an reply only the broker can make a complaint on a real estate advertising this is a joke.
    lets make our profession professional!

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for your comments. If you received an error when you tried filling out the MCE survey, please contact our third-party consultant, CamProf Inc., directly at and they will assist you.

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