Dive into waterfront properties with new MCE elective

Dive into waterfront properties with new MCE elective

Course name: Waterfront Properties //

Vacation homes and waterfront properties have always been desirable, but buying or selling them can be tricky, especially when considering issues such as septic systems, shore road allowances and zoning.

RECO’s new MCE elective, Waterfront Properties, explores what makes these types of transactions unique. By participating in this course, registrants will gain an understanding of common issues for waterfront properties, including topics such as:

  • wells and septic systems;
  • shore road allowances, including identifying whether one is present and if it can be purchased from the local municipality; and
  • municipal zoning laws and how they can affect a property owner’s ability to renovate or develop their property.

Designed and developed for the experienced registrant, Waterfront Properties also provides a wealth of information for the registrant who is considering expanding their practice into recreational properties.


  1. Hi ‘I have completed Water front properties elective course in April 2019 and has been submitted. I want to access this course for re reading again. How can I access that
    Dave Bhatia

    1. Thank you for your blog inquiry.

      Registrants have access to the Update Courses and the Electives course content for the duration of their two-year registration cycle. As you have submitted your renewal application you no longer have access. With that said, you have now officially entered in to your new registration cycle and now have the option to make payment for your next MCE cycle and once again have MCE course access. Please note that these courses can be completed any time during your 2-year registration cycle.

      You will have access to the Update Courses and the Electives 24/7, and you will continue to have access to course content for the duration of your two-year registration cycle.

      Should you have any other concerns regarding this matter, while you are logged into the MCE program, please call the Client Services Department so that they may assist you with navigational instructions. We can be reached at 416-207-5132 or Toll Free 1-855-200-4884. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  2. I have completed the residential reconstruction update course also the two electives one called >waterfront Properties the new one which I enjoyed also one called Inspections.On going on line it only shows the Record Update cause completed but I have completed the above two electives as well . I would
    like to send in the necessary now for my license due which is January 2 2019 . Why does my two electives completed now show it says instead I have not completed all my course which is not correct. Please advise on this . Thanking you Zena Dalton

    1. Hi Zena – Thanks for your question. A member of our Education team will be in touch with you via email to help resolve this.

    1. Hi Daljinder, thank you for your comment and interest in our newest MCE elective course. You will find the course, Waterfront Properties, by logging into your RECO MyWeb account.

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