The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) sets the education standards for real estate salespeople and brokers in Ontario – both registration education (for those looking to become a salesperson to trade) and continuing education (for those already registered as a salesperson or broker).

Real estate is a regulated profession in Ontario, and one must be registered with RECO to trade in real estate. To be eligible to apply for registration, individuals must meet specific requirements, including the successful completion of an approved salesperson program. Salespersons interested in becoming a broker of record must complete an approved broker program.

Salespersons and brokers maintain and expand their knowledge by regularly completing continuing education courses through RECO’s continuing education program and voluntarily completing courses offered by other providers.

RECO’s education programs provide Ontario’s real estate professionals with the required knowledge and skills to support buyers and sellers through the buying and selling process from start to finish.

More choice is coming to Ontario real estate education

One of RECO’s key responsibilities is to set the education standards for real estate salespersons and brokers in Ontario.

Currently, Ontario has one provider authorized to deliver registration education (for those looking to become a salesperson or broker to trade in real estate). Work is underway at RECO to allow for multiple, approved post-secondary institutions across Ontario to deliver RECO’s registration education programs. In conjunction, a single exam provider will deliver program exams for learners of all approved post-secondary institutions. 

This work is expected to continue through 2024 with the confirmation of approved providers, followed by program implementation in mid 2025. RECO will continue to provide updates as it completes this important initiative. 

These changes will enable RECO to continue maintaining its stringent oversight of education standards, enhancing learner choice and access to education providers, all while protecting the academic integrity of its registration education program.

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