Complaints & Enforcement

Those trading in real estate in Ontario must comply with the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA), which contains a code of ethics for those registered to trade.

RECO addresses inquiries, concerns and complaints about the conduct of brokers, salespersons, brokerages and those required to be registered to trade and takes appropriate action to protect the public.

When RECO takes action against someone for breaking the law, the matter must go to one of three decision-making forums:

Registrar’s Administrative Action: RECO can refuse, revoke, void, suspend, or apply conditions to, someone’s registration. Those that are the subject of the action are entitled to a hearing before the Licence Appeal Tribunal or the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. View the list of decisions.

Provincial Charges and Convictions: RECO can lay charges under the Provincial Offences Act for breaches of REBBA, the legislation that governs real estate salespeople, brokers, brokerages and those required to be registered to trade in real estate in Ontario. These are heard in provincial court. View the list of POA decisions.

Discipline Matters: The conduct of someone registered can be referred to RECO’s Discipline Committee for a hearing to consider allegations of breaches of the Code of Ethics, which forms part of REBBA. View the list of discipline decisions.

  • Real estate professionals in Ontario are accountable for their conduct and competence. You may bring your concerns to RECO by filing a complaint.

  • RECO evaluates each complaint and based on the specific circumstances will determine a course of action.

  • RECO addresses concerns and complaints about the conduct of salespersons and brokers and takes appropriate action to protect the public interest. These decisions are public, and can be found here.

  • RECO’s complaints process is available to those with concerns about the conduct of those trading in real estate who are required to be registered.

  • RECO handles complaints in a fair and impartial manner, affording registrants the opportunity to provide their perspective on the issues that are the subject of the complaint.

  • RECO’s discipline process is open to the public. Click here for hearings schedules and helpful information if you are involved in a hearing.

  • This Q&A explains what consumers and registrants need to know about proposals to revoke, refuse, suspend, or to apply conditions to registration.

  • Under REBBA, RECO may issue an order “freezing” the assets or trust funds of any registrant or former registrant for the protection of the public.

  • A list of individuals appointed by RECO as Provincial Offences Officers.

  • If you are a buyer who made an offer on a property, you or your representative can ask RECO to find out how many offers were made on the property.

  • Find frequently asked questions about complaints and enforcement here.

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