Complaints & Enforcement

All real estate professionals in Ontario must comply with the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002 (REBBA 2002), which contains a code of ethics.

RECO addresses inquiries, concerns and complaints about the conduct of brokers, salespersons and brokerages and takes appropriate action to protect the public.

  • Possible outcomes

    RECO evaluates each complaint individually and based on the specific circumstances will determine a course of action.

  • Regulatory Activities and Decisions

    RECO addresses concerns and complaints about the conduct of salespersons and brokers and takes appropriate action to protect the public interest. These decisions are public, and can be found here.

  • About RECO’s complaints process

    The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) established the complaints process to ensure fair and flexible handling of complaints about the conduct of real estate professionals and those holding themselves out as such.

  • I want to file a complaint

    Real estate professionals in Ontario are accountable for their conduct and competence. Our complaints process provides a way for you to bring your concerns to our attention about those trading in real estate.

  • If you are the subject of a complaint

    RECO’s complaints process ensures impartial and flexible handling of complaints.

  • Discipline and Appeals Hearings

    Click here for hearings schedules, helpful information if you are involved in a hearing, and the application form to apply to be on the discipline and appeals committees.

  • Registrar’s Proposals FAQ

    This Q&A explains what consumers and registrants need to know about proposals to revoke registration.

  • Suspensions of Registration & Freeze Orders

    Under REBBA, RECO may issue an order “freezing” the assets or trust funds of any registrant or former registrant for the protection of the public.

  • Do you want to find out how many offers were made on a property?

    If you are a buyer or a sales representative for a buyer, you can ask RECO to find out how many offers were made on a property.

  • More Frequently Asked Questions

    Find frequently asked questions about complaints and enforcement here.

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