Vision, mission & values


A real estate marketplace in Ontario where buyers and sellers are well-informed and protected, and where transactions are conducted fairly.


Promoting a fair, safe and informed real estate market for consumers in Ontario through effective and innovative regulation of the services offered by those who trade in real estate.


Interpret, enforce, and suggest modification to regulation.


RECO has an exclusive contract with the government to administer the Act and must perform in a manner consistent with the government’s expectations and the terms of the Administrative Agreement.


In 2021, RECO refreshed its corporate values. Through an organization-wide consultation process, the following statement of values has been established.

Model empathy and choose inclusivity
We act with respect, commitment, and courage, engaging with people empathically and considering their backgrounds and perspectives.

Be intentional in all actions
We act consciously and deliberately in our actions to achieve the most appropriate outcome.

Act with integrity
We act honestly and consistently, displaying fairness and equity in decision-making.

Embrace curiosity
We are inquisitive, taking an interest in ideas and perspectives of others, and are committed to continual improvement.

Be strategically agile
We make responsiveness a priority by monitoring our changing environment and being ready to act and modernize as needed.

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