As the regulator of salespeople, brokers and brokerages, RECO participates in industry events throughout the year. RECO staff are available to present to boards and associations in Ontario. We also hold an annual general meeting.

RECO's informational webinar on by-law changes

On January 2024, the Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery issued five orders to RECO related to its board composition and other items. RECO is making the necessary changes to its by-laws to implement the Minister’s Orders.

To provide its registrants and other stakeholders with an opportunity to learn more about these and other upcoming by-law changes, and to ask questions about the by-laws, RECO hosted an informational webinar, as follows:

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 | 10-11 a.m.

Katie Steinfeld, Chair, RECO Board of Directors
Michael Beard, Chief Executive Officer, RECO

Brief presentation followed by a question and answer period related to by-law changes.

Watch a recording of RECO's informational webinar on by-law changes.

Read the answers to the questions asked during RECO’s informational webinar.

TRESA Phase 2 presentation requests

Important information to note when requesting a TRESA-specific presentation:

  • To ensure we reach the greatest number of registrants, we will prioritize presentation requests with larger audiences of a minimum of 100 people. We encourage real estate boards to team up in coordinating a presentation to increase the audience size.
  • Please select 3-5 TRESA topics for your presentation; we suggest that each presentation be one hour or less including time for a short Q&A. We welcome your questions in advance.
  • We ask that you encourage your members to visit the TRESA Explained page prior to any presentation and watch the 4-part video series.

Please fill out the online request for a TRESA Phase 2 presentation form.

Standard RECO presentation request

Please fill out the online request for a standard RECO presentation form.