If you were involved in a competing offer situation and are concerned about how many offers there were, RECO can confirm the number of offers made.

You can ask RECO to find out how many offers were made on a property if:

  • You made an offer on the property; or,
  • You are an agent who represented a buyer that made an offer on the property.

RECO does not accept inquiries related to the number of competing offers from any other person. 

How to make an inquiry

Requests for RECO to confirm the number of competing offers can be submitted using the online complaint process.

Make sure you include the address of the property in question and indicate whether you are a buyer who submitted one of the offers or if you are the agent who represented one of the buyers who submitted an offer. 

If you have any documentation or correspondence related to the number of offers from the seller’s agent or, if you are the buyer, from your agent, please include it when you submit your inquiry.

RECO’s process to confirm the number of offers

RECO will request that the seller’s brokerage confirm the number of offers that were received by the brokerage and conveyed to the seller.

RECO will take these independent steps to confirm the number of offers:

  • review any documentation or correspondence you provided;
  • review documents obtained from the seller’s brokerage;
  • contact involved parties; and,
  • investigate further when appropriate.

If you are qualified to make the inquiry, RECO will share its findings with you.

If RECO’s inquiry result doesn’t match what you were told

If your agent or the seller’s agent told you there were more offers or fewer offers than the number confirmed by RECO’s inquiry, you will be asked to submit additional complaint details. This might include your recollection of the offer process, and any relevant written communications or other information that you may not have submitted with your initial inquiry. 

This will help RECO better understand the situation and commence our complaint process to investigate the matter further.