Below are links to Registrar’s Bulletins, Guides, information about advertising, For the RECOrd newsletters, forms and other useful resources for real estate professionals.

  • Guides

    Guides for advertising, social media and brokerage inspections can be found here.

  • Forms

    Forms for renewing, reinstating or changing your registration, declaration of education and more can be found here.

  • Advertising

    Want more information about advertising? Find out more here.

  • Inspections Kit

    RECO’s Inspections Kit can be found here.

  • The Ministry, RECO and OREA

    Understanding the difference between The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, RECO and OREA.

  • For the RECOrd Newsletter

    Find timely and relevant articles here that will help you serve your clients.

  • Electronic Signatures

    Electronic signatures can be used for Agreements of Purchase and Sale starting July 1, 2015.

  • Registrar’s Bulletins

    Bulletins that address current matters affecting the industry can be found here.

  • MyRECO Certificate Mobile App

    Download the app and display your MyRECO Certificate in real time.

  • Registration FAQ

    Got a question? It may be answered in the Registration FAQ.

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