RECO’s commitment to service excellence

RECO is committed to maintaining a strong relationship with registrants through informative communications and efficient service.

According to the 2013 registrant survey, 92 per cent of respondents rated our customer service as meeting or exceeding expectations. While that suggests we are doing something right, we know we can do better. We depend on registrant feedback to point out how we can elevate our current service levels to better meet expectations.

There have been delays in processing registration renewals, largely caused by the influx of renewals that comes with a growing profession. In the past decade, total registrations have grown by over 50%.

We regret any anxiety caused by these delays, especially if you had submitted your renewal well in advance of the expiry date. It’s important to know that if you submit your application on time, but you have not received confirmation of registration by the expiry date, your registration is deemed to continue if all requirements were met prior to the deadline. That means you are able to continue trading until the process is completed.

We are changing our approach to renewals to better serve you, including changing the order in which we process online renewals from a process based on the expiry date to one based on a first-come-first-serve approach. You will notice improved turnaround times, as many of your colleagues already have.

How you can help

You can help by making sure to complete the online declaration at the end of each continuing education course. Without the declaration that confirms you took the course yourself, a renewal under the new continuing education program cannot be processed.

Also take advantage of the benefits of RECO’s online service portal, MyWeb. Online renewals are not only processed more quickly than paper applications, but you will also receive updates on the progress of your renewal, which can provide extra piece of mind at renewal time.

UPDATED Service Standards, May 12 2016