The Registrar must provide information about charges laid by an employee of the administrative authority under REBBA 2002, and other Acts.

For every registrant, former registrant and director or officer of a brokerage or a person who is trading in real estate without benefit of registration, who is currently charged with an offence as a result of an information laid by an employee of the administrative authority, the Act that creates the offence, a description of the charge, and the date on which the information was laid.

Registrants Charged with an Offence

To determine if a current registrant is facing any charges under REBBA 2002 and/or other Acts, conduct an online search of the specific registrant for whom you have a query using RECO’s real estate professional search feature.

Non-Registrants Charged with an Offence

The list below includes only persons who are not registered under REBBA 2002 and are currently facing charges under REBBA 2002 and/or other Acts.

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