RECO’s MCE program is changing – thanks to your feedback

RECO’s MCE program is changing – thanks to your feedback

Last fall, RECO toured the province for a series of Town Hall meetings with leaders of real estate boards and brokerages in seven communities around Ontario. The discussions were lively, thoughtful and respectful, and attendees provided us with a lot of valuable feedback about RECO’s Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program.

What did we hear? Overall, there was strong support for making classroom instruction available for those who wish to learn that way, although we also heard from many people who appreciate eLearning. Nearly everyone agreed that any additional costs of in-person facilitated sessions should be paid by the students who choose that route.

We also heard that there are some registrants who have other people complete their MCE requirements for them, so we should introduce ways to better detect cheating.

In addition to gathering feedback at the Town Halls, we also collected it during a formal review of the MCE program. We hired an independent consultant to oversee the review, and as they work now to finalize their report, we are committing to making some key improvements. We will:

  • offer an in-person option for registrants who wish to learn that way;
  • implement new measures to prevent and detect cheating on MCE requirements; and,
  • make the program easier to access through tablets, iPads and – eventually – smartphones.

We look forward to sharing additional key findings and updates as a result of the MCE review with you soon.

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