I’m selling my home, but my salesperson has told me that she is taking two weeks off over the holidays. She said somebody else at the brokerage will help me with the sale during that time. Is that allowed?

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s a time for spending time with loved ones — and, if possible, some relaxation.

But it can also be a time where added stress can hinder your holiday spirit, especially when your house is on the market at the same time; doubly so if your chosen representative is taking a vacation over the holidays.

When I bought my home, my representative took a vacation, but it so happened that her brother was available to us if something came up or we wanted to see other homes that may come on the market during our search. We didn’t need to, but it was nice to know someone was there if we needed someone.

When you choose a specific salesperson to help you sell your home, it’s natural that you’ll want to deal with them throughout the process. In fact, I often hear from buyers and sellers who say they thought the listing or services agreement tied them to that representative. But when you sign such an agreement, you are actually entering a binding agreement with the brokerage, not the individual salesperson.

Therefore, to keep the selling process moving, your sales representative may assign a colleague to help work with you while they are away, and this new sales rep must be employed by the same brokerage as your present real estate professional.

When the new sales representative is brought in, the onus falls to them to sit down and develop a mutual understanding of your needs, and the services you are expecting while you are working together.

If you are unable to meet eye to eye with your new sales representative, you can speak with the person in charge of the brokerage, known as the broker of record. They can work with you to pair you with someone who may better meet your needs.

Real estate transactions can happen at lightning speed – even during the holiday season – so it’s important to establish a solid relationship with your real estate professional to ensure you are both pushing in the right direction for a successful home sale.

Next week, I’ll offer some New Year’s resolutions for both buyers and sellers – whether you’re a first time homebuyer or returning to the real estate market.

In the meantime, my best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday with friends and family.

Joseph Richer is Registrar of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). He is in charge of the administration and enforcement of all rules that govern real estate professionals in Ontario. You can find more tips at reco.on.ca, follow on Twitter @RECOhelps or on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/RECOhelps.

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