Governance Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to ensure RECO develops and implements an effective approach to corporate governance which enables the business and affairs of RECO to be carried out, directed and managed in a manner that fulfils its obligations. The Committee will ensure the appropriate governance principles, structures and procedures are in place to allow the Board and Committees to function effectively.

Chair and Membership

The Governance Committee consists of the Board Chair and Board Vice-Chair (both ex officio), and at least three other directors. The Board Vice-Chair serves as Committee Chair ex officio. The Committee may recommend the appointment of non-directors to the Committee.

Bill Yetman

Michael Appleton
Steve Boxma
Lucy Impera
Jody Lavoie

Staff Support:
Michael Beard, CEO
Logan Atkinson, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Andria Cordovez Mulet, Manager, Board Operations

Duties, Functions & Responsibilities

    • Overseeing the policies and practices contained in the Governance Manual, ensuring the Board fulfills its policy obligations; making recommendations to revise or develop policies that will enhance Board effectiveness and its ability to deliver value to the organization.
    • Ensuring the Board meets its obligations under the SCSAA, Administrative Agreement, REBBA, NFP Act, Bylaws; monitoring changes to legislation, government policy and/or the external environment that affect governance or the duties and responsibilities of the Board.
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Committee structure and recommending any necessary changes to the Board of Directors.
    • Ensuring the Board has the appropriate tools/mechanisms in place to monitor and evaluate organizational performance.
    • Assessing the number, frequency and structure of Board meetings to ensure they support the Board in effective monitoring and decision-making.
    • Overseeing an ongoing strategic planning process that addresses key risks/opportunities, financial sustainability, emerging issues, and stakeholder perspectives.
    • Conducting Board assessments at least once every two years and providing a summary of the assessment to the Minister.
    • Establishing Board goals and a work plan; ensuring the Board measures and monitors progress against its own goals.
    • Identifying and implementing governance practices that enhance transparency and/or accountability.
    • Other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.

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