Registrar’s Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee is appointed by the Registrar, Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA), to provide advice and guidance on matters relating to the Registration Education and Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program and requirements pursuant to Ontario Regulation 579/05 Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (O. Reg. 579/05, Sec 1 – 5).

Committee Composition

Chair and Membership
The Registrar will appoint a member as the Chair of the Committee. The Committee will comprise of at least five members, at least two of whom will be members of the RECO Board of Directors.

Terry Landon

Bettianne Hedges
Bill Johnston
Joan Miller
Dianne Usher

Staff Support
Generally, the following RECO staff members will support the work of the Committee:

Joseph Richer, Registrar
Lisa Key, Director, Education
Pina Apolito-Santos, Education Administrative Coordinator

Duties, Functions or Responsibilities

    • To review the requirements for education to obtain salesperson or broker registration under REBBA, and make recommendations to the Registrar for amendments as required from time to time
    • To review the mandatory continuing education (MCE) educational requirements to maintain broker or salesperson registration under REBBA and make recommendations to the Registrar for amendments as required from time to time
    • To provide support in identifying subject matter expertise in the development of new MCE courses
    • To provide recommendations on Registration and/or MCE education related matters


Meetings and Time Commitment

The Committee is anticipated to meet approximately six (6) times per year, or as required, to discuss education related matters. Committee members are expected to review documentation and information in preparation for meetings, as required. Review preparation time required for each meeting may vary depending on the matters being discussed. The Committee may meet either face-to-face or by conference call.

Staff Contact and Budget

The staff contact for the Committee is the Director, Education; the Education Administrative Coordinator provides support. The budget for the Committee is established annually by the Registrar, in keeping with RECO policies. No expenditures or commitments against that budget may be made without the authorization of the Registrar and must be made in keeping with RECO policies.

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