Director Development Committee

The purpose of the Director Development Committee is to ensure the Board provides supports that allow the directors to maximize their contribution in the best interests of RECO through robust recruitment, orientation, onboarding and development.

Chair and Membership

The Director Development Committee consists of a Chair and at least two other directors. This Committee normally has at least 4 members. The Committee may recommend the appointment of non-directors to the Committee.


Glenda Brindle
Lucy Impera
Bill Johnston
Jody Lavoie, Ex-officio

Michael Beard, CEO
Logan Atkinson, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Andria Cordovez Mulet, Manager, Board Operations

Duties, Functions & Responsibilities

    • Director Recruitment, Election & Succession Policy: The Director Development Committee will establish and maintain a Director succession strategy and plan. The Director Development Committee will proactively recruit and qualify candidates for available director positions. Sitting Directors will support the Committee’s plan and requests to solicit interested candidates that meet the Board’s competency and diversity principles.
    • Board Development Policy: The Director Development Committee is responsible for administering this policy on behalf of the Board of Directors. As required, the Director Development Committee will ensure that its work is aligned with that of the Governance Committee.
    • Individual Director Assessment Policy: The Director Development Committee is responsible for ensuring Individual Assessments are conducted annually based on the individual director performance expectations.
    • Director Orientation & Onboarding Policy: The Director Development Committee is responsible for ensuring annual Director orientation/reorientation and onboarding system provides an effective introduction to the organization and the requirements of the position for new Directors, as well as an effective reintroduction for existing Directors.
    • Other matters delegated by the board.

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