Director Development Committee

The purpose of the Director Development Committee is to ensure the Board provides supports that allow the directors to maximize their contribution in the best interests of RECO through robust orientation, onboarding and development.

Chair and Membership

Jody Lavoie

Ashwani Bhardwaj
Lucy Impera
Tony Ma
Rebecca Ryder, Past Director

Michael Beard, CEO
Sandra Gibney, Director, Strategic Initiatives & Stakeholder Relations
Andria Cordovez Mulet, Manager, Office of the CEO / Executive Assistant
External Consultant

Duties, Functions or Responsibilities

    • Review and make recommendations related to director orientation and onboarding to ensure it provides and effective introduction to the organization and the requirements of directors.
    • Review and make recommendations related to orientation and reorientation practices that will update/reinforce board governance standards, reinforce board governance responsibilities and accountabilities, and enhance the effectiveness of the board collectively.
    • Review and make recommendations related to director development policies and practices in order to implement training and education that will improve the monitoring and decision-making role of the board.
    • Review and make recommendations related to a competency-based recruitment and development model that ensures directors are able to contribute their unique skills to the right roles while providing purposeful development of (new) skills that will increase directors’ confidence and contribution.
    • Other matters delegated by the board

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