CEO'S MESSAGE/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /9 The ultimate measurement of our success as a regulator is public trust. Our focus is clear: the public must have confidence in RECO, and its regulation of real estate brokerages, brokers and salespeople in Ontario. Maintaining this trust requires us to strive for regulatory excellence on three fronts: CONSUMER PROTECTION EXCELLENCE For the past two decades, RECO has served the public interest by protecting consumers in the real estate marketplace. Achieving consumer protection excellence means: implementing and rigorously enforcing registration standards to ensure consumers receive knowledgeable, competent and professional service; ensuring regulatory processes and procedures support the reduction of consumer harm; and educating consumers about their rights and responsibilities in real estate transactions, while raising awareness of the benefits of a regulated industry. ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE An important focus for us is to become more flexible and responsive, and technology is invaluable in achieving this. We are using technology to automate our services, which makes us both easier to access and more environmentally responsible. Last year, we launched a major update to our online services portal (MyWeb) so that it is more intuitive and easier to navigate. We also conducted a third-party assessment of our IT policies, procedures and security. In 2018, we’ll use findings from that assessment to implement a series of enhancements. ENGAGEMENT EXCELLENCE To be an effective regulator, RECO must work with stakeholders and stay up-to-date on emerging trends and issues in the industry. Achieving engagement excellence means reaching out to all stakeholders for insight and consultation, with a view to raising the bar for professional conduct and enhancing consumer protection. The industry has a shared role in increasing professionalism. When salespeople and brokers lead by example and encourage accountability among their peers, the integrity of the profession is strengthened. Public trust Public trust results from consumers knowing that RECO is effectively managed, fiscally responsible and operationally sound—and that we have the right people, processes and resources to achieve our goals. Since being established two decades ago, RECO has continued to strive for excellence in the regulation of Ontario’s real estate industry. Looking forward, I believe the momentum that propelled us into 2018 will continue throughout the year as we find new ways to protect consumers, become more nimble and encourage the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in the industry. As a newcomer to the RECO family, I sincerely thank our Board for their guidance, and our staff for their contribution and warm welcome. Working together, I know we can achieve excellence in everything we do.