Ensure accountability and transparency Objectives for 2017–19 2017 Accomplishments Accountability and transparency • Continue to adhere to RECO’s published expense and purchasing policies that are consistent with the spirit and intent of government policies and practices • Review policies and practices related to the publication of disciplinary activities to assess the appropriate level of information to provide in order to protect the public • Board of Directors will develop new Strategic Planning and Renewal, and Operational Planning and Budget Policies • Board of Directors will develop and publish a formal Director Remuneration Policy • RECO will report on the activities of the Board and Board Committees in its annual report, including the number of meetings held • Continue to conduct Board, Board Chair and individual Director assessments on an annual basis; integrate a competency framework in the 2018 nomination process • Adopt a new and more extensive Board Governance Manual • Followed expense and procurement policies consistent with spirit and intent of government policies and practices • Audited financial statements for fiscal 2017 published in Annual Report • Transitioned to new auditors, beginning in fiscal 2017 • Initiated comprehensive review of RECO’s Public Notice Policy, identifying leading practices. Work will continue in 2018 • Director Remuneration Policy developed and published on RECO’s website • Activities of Board Committees are included in this report in the “Governance” section • 2018 Board director nomination process modified to ensure voters have comparable information about candidates for election to assist them in making informed choices • Board of Directors adopted new Governance Manual, including several new policies and practices, in keeping with leading governance practices • Board of Directors determined comprehensive governance review would take place in 2018 How we will measure success Measuring success • Budget for 2018–2020 will be included in the Strategic Business Plan for 2018–2020 • Publish Annual Report reporting on RECO activities • Audited financial statements are made available; Annual Report provides an update on RECO’s activities during the fiscal year and its progress against plan • Budget for 2018–2020 will be included in the Business Plan for 2018–2020 • Annual Report provides information about RECO’s activities in 2017 • Audited financial statements are included in this report REPORT ON OBJECTIVES/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /47