Embrace principles of continuous quality improvement throughout the organization Objectives for 2017–19 2017 Accomplishments Ongoing improvements to the complaints-handling process • Continue to review complaints- and inquiry-handling processes to enhance service standards • Expect steady rise in use of dispute resolution as staff will continue to encourage the parties to be part of the solution, rather than to have a decision imposed on them • Continue to develop enforcement team’s skillset through enhanced training • Continue progressive discipline approach with registrants by embracing educational over punitive stance for initial minor infractions • Trained and empowered staff to have greater discretion in their analysis of complaints, including consultation with parties to resolve complaints • Created and filled new supervisory positions to improve service levels and provide new advancement opportunities for staff • Continued using dispute resolution in complaints handling • Implemented a more effective complaint intake and assessment system in order to more effectively prioritize complaints and facilitate quicker complaint outcomes Focusing on quality and efficiency • Continue to survey consumers and registrants about their experience with the complaints and inspections processes and use results to drive process and service improvements • Continue to leverage technology to deliver more online services and increase efficiency • Implement incremental changes to enhance service delivery and streamline processes • Launched a Client Services department, bringing together inquiries about registration, insurance complaints, compliance and education to improve quality and efficiency of customer service delivered • Client Services delivered an average phone waiting time of 54 seconds • Continued to conduct complaints and inspections quality assurance surveys and used results to mentor staff and improve service quality Identifying, monitoring and mitigating risks • RECO will develop a risk management plan that will: – – state RECO’s objectives; – – identify and assess risks to the achievement of objectives; – – document a risk mitigation strategy; – – establish and maintain a system of internal controls to minimize risk; and – – document policies and procedures to manage risk • RECO has documented its risks, formalized its risk register and completed an assessment of existing risks. An internal enterprise risk and innovation management group has been established to maintain and monitor the risk register and risk mitigation strategies. Additional work will take place in 2018 Improve service quality and relationships with consumers and registrants • Improvements to processing times will continue with the launch of RECOserv. By end of 2017, RECO is targeting eight business days for renewal applications to allow for internal checks and verifications • Through RECOserv, streamlining of processes will allow RECO to improve other functions, including resolution of complaint files • Registrants and consumers will experience RECOserv through a new and improved MyWeb • Continue to enhance processes to improve timeliness for complaints processing, and evaluate success based on established benchmarks • Through a combination of the implementation of a new database and portals, internal initiatives, enhanced training and additional staffing, RECO expects to see progressive improvement in 2017 and even greater gains in years beyond in online service experiences and available data • Staged launch of a one-stop portal for information on all areas of RECO’s regulatory activities will make information more accessible • Met eight-day target for registration renewal applications, with further improvements planned • Used RECOserv to improve data sharing between departments to improve efficiency • Added more touch points during complaints process, including phone calls, to ensure all parties know they are being heard, and to make sure they understand the process • Completed launch of a new online self-serve portal for registrants (MyWeb) • Individual registration renewal applications became online-only in order to increase efficiency • Introduced electronic reminders for brokerage registration renewal to reduce the risk of brokerages not renewing on time 44/ RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT/REPORT ON OBJECTIVES