Shape a culture of excellence throughout the organization Objectives for 2017–19 2017 Accomplishments Focusing on innovation and improvement • Continue assessment and improvement of customer service standards • Continue to train staff, with a focus on meeting service standards, goals and timeliness • Board of Directors to participate in regulatory governance training for Board members • Continue surveys for Inspections and Complaints to measure quality of service levels and impact of change, and use results to guide further development • Established new measures and Service Standards for complaints processing and began posting Service Standards Report Card regularly on RECO’s website • Four Directors attended the Council on Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation (CLEAR) conference and regulatory governance training in September 2017 • Board of Directors received training on topics including conflict of interest, strategic planning and good governance • Continued inspections and complaints quality assurance surveys to measure quality of service levels and impact of changes made How we will measure success Measuring success • Continue to provide training opportunities for staff • Enhance service standards • Conduct reviews of regulatory processes and public notice policy, and create action plans based on outcomes • Maintain or improve survey results for overall satisfaction with Inspections and Complaints processes • Enhanced training opportunities for staff • Published Service Standards Report Card with progress in meeting key targets • By December 2017 RECO was meeting all service standard targets and committed to publishing a report card quarterly on RECO’s website • Created position for HR Training and Development Administrator • Inspections survey results showed 87 per cent overall satisfaction with the program REPORT ON OBJECTIVES/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /41