Enhance the knowledge and competence of real estate professionals Objectives for 2017–19 2017 Accomplishments Enhancing consumer protection and professionalism through continuing education • Continue to advance Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE): development of two update courses and four new electives underway for 2017 • Courses will feature case studies to highlight current topics and challenges facing the industry; registrants will be encouraged to think critically about their business dealings with a mind towards compliance • Launched residential and commercial versions of the 2017 Update Course • Issued RFP to engage a third-party organization to review the MCE program. Selected firm will provide options for enhancement and opportunities to leverage emerging technologies, in order to ensure the program meets its intended objectives • Commenced development of Waterfront Properties, Home Inspections and Commercial Leasing MCE elective courses for Q1 2018 launch Ensure real estate professionals are practice-ready from the outset • Engage provider to develop and deliver new Registration Education Program, incorporating leading adult learning methodologies and simulations and begin development of new program • Continue the delivery of the current program until 2020 to allow for transition period • In April 2017, RECO announced the consortium of Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (Humber College) and NIIT Canada will be the future provider of registration education for aspiring real estate salespersons and brokers in the province • Development began on the new Registration Education Program, with Humber College and NIIT Canada, with launch scheduled for July 2019 How we will measure success Measuring success • Continue to measure registrant satisfaction with MCE content • By July 2017, all eligible registrants will have taken the new MCE program; RECO will conduct a comprehensive review of the program to assess how well it is meeting the objectives outlined when the program was launched • 96 per cent of registrants who responded to a survey indicated the content in the MCE course they took was relevant to their individual real estate practice • Issued RFP to initiate comprehensive review of MCE program REPORT ON OBJECTIVES/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /37