BY THE NUMBERS/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /29 RECO’S SERVICE STANDARDS REPORT outlines the levels of service the public, including registrants, can expect for most services under normal circumstances. RECO endeavours to meet or exceed these standards. RECO’s target is to meet or exceed the registration application standards for at least 80 per cent of the applications processed. DECEMBER 2017 5 minutes 2 minutes > 80% > 80% Jan.–Dec.: 1.5 minutes Jan.–Dec.: 0.54 minutes Jan.–Dec.: 95% 90% If a meeting has not been arranged, visitors will be greeted at reception and wait less than five minutes to speak to someone who is able to provide assistance, unless specialized assistance is unavailable because no appointment was made. Visiting RECO’s office Contacting RECO by phone Registration application processing The wait time when calling RECO’s main number is less than two minutes. New Salesperson Applications: • processed within 10 business days Salesperson/Broker Renewal Applications: • processed within eight business days Reinstatement Applications for Brokers and Salespersons: • processed within 10 business days SERVICE TARGET 2017 STATUS > 80% 98% December: 99 days December: 70 days Complaints that are not escalated are closed on average in less than 120 days The average age of complaints that are open will remain below 80 days Complaints—average time to close Complaints—average age of open files 15