A list of refused and revoked registrations can be found in RECO’s Regulatory Digest at www.reco.on.ca/ complaints-enforcement/regulatory-activities- decisions/regulatory-digest. All registrants may be searched for disciplinary activity using the search feature on the top right corner of RECO’s homepage (www.reco.on.ca), which allows you to check the registration of a salesperson, broker or brokerage. Discipline and Appeals Hearings RECO’s Discipline and Appeals Committees are statutory tribunals subject to the Statutory Powers Procedure Act. Complaints involving alleged breaches of the Code of Ethics may be referred to the Discipline Committee for a hearing. In 2017, 86 matters were referred to the Discipline Committee, up from 56 in 2016. The increase reflects the higher number of complaints that RECO processed in 2017, in order to reduce the complaints inventory. Once a matter is referred to the Discipline Committee, the committee’s decision usually occurs in a subsequent year. In 2017, the Discipline Committee issued 46 decisions and had one appeal. Please note that matters that are withdrawn are not included in these two totals. Outcomes of 2017 Provincial Offences Act Investigations 99 Charges 38 Prosecutions 34 Convictions 150 # Months’ Probation 0 Total Jail Time $429,700.00 Total Fines (to the municipality or other administrator of the Court) $69,156.10 Total Restitution Registrar’s Proposals The Registrar’s authority to propose to refuse, revoke or suspend a registration is a critical component of RECO’s enforcement activities. A revocation is the most severe action RECO takes and is reserved for the most serious of circumstances. The Registrar has the authority to issue a proposal to refuse registration in situations where the applicant cannot reasonably be expected to conduct business in a financially responsible way, or where past conduct gives reasonable grounds for the Registrar to believe that the applicant will not conduct business with integrity, honesty and in accordance with the law. Registrar's Proposals 2015 2016 2017 Number of Proposals Issued to Refuse, Revoke or Suspend Registration 20 28 19 Number of Proposals Issued Due to Non- Payment of Insurance Premiums* 21 11 7 BY THE NUMBERS/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /27 *The number of proposals issued due to non-payment of insurance premiums is a separate calculation from the number of proposals issued to refuse, revoke or suspend registration. Amendment to REBBA On March 27, 2017, an amendment was made to O. Reg. 579/05 in relation to the insurance program. The changes are as follows: • Definitions of terms in section 11 of the regulation have been made easier to understand; • “Professional liability insurance” as a defined term in the regulation has replaced “Errors and Omissions insurance”; • Insurance coverage limits have been expressed as minimums to allow for more flexibility in coverage; and • Unpaid insurance deductibles must now be paid in full, along with insurance premiums to complete registrations.