Top complaints RECO closed 2,926 complaints over the course of 2017. RECO saw complaints about competing/multiple offer handling drop by about a third, compared to 2016. Complaints that related to a failure to provide conscientious and competent service increased by a third from the year prior. Also notable is the change in advertising complaints. This used to be RECO’s top complaint category, but in 2017 complaints of this nature dropped to less than 1 per cent. The drop may be attributed to RECO’s new process for advertising complaints (page 22). Two other complaint areas dropped to less than 1 per cent of complaints in 2017: disclosure and interference. In 2017, two new complaint types entered the top complaints list: presentation of offers and duty to client; each accounted for 6 per cent of all complaints. It is possible that the recent spotlight on multiple representation has brought a stronger focus on the presentation of offers and registrants’ duty to clients. BY THE NUMBERS/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /25 Top Complaints by Problem Category 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Advertising Competing/Multiple Offer Handling Misrepresentation Conscientious/ Competent Services Disclosure Interference Presentation of Offers Duty to Client 2015 2016 2017 PERCENTAGE