EDUCATION RECO establishes education requirements for registration, articling, broker and continuing education. The education program promotes continuous learning and competent, knowledgeable and professional service. Registration Education Before becoming registered as a salesperson, applicants must successfully complete an approved education program that teaches them about the fundamentals of trading in real estate and the rules they must follow. RECO has been working to reshape Registration Education so that aspiring registrants are more practice-ready upon entrance into the profession. In 2017, RECO announced a new partnership with the consortium of Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and NIIT Canada to build and deliver a new program. Turn to page 13 to learn more about what’s ahead for Registration Education. Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) Education is an important part of fostering a safe and informed marketplace for consumers and, as such, registrants are required to complete education courses every two years. In 2017, RECO introduced two new RECO update courses: the 2017 Residential Update Course and the 2017 Commercial Update Course. The courses include key regulatory updates, as well as content on digital marketing and real estate fraud. 96% 95% 95% 94% 90% 95% MCE Course Completions 73,109 Total number of courses completed 2015 2016 2017 82,032 85,725 Surveys of those who completed courses in 2017 were positive. Of the 4,145 people who responded to the survey: indicated the content in the course they took was relevant to their individual real estate practice; indicated the activities in the course they took gave them the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the topics; indicated the content covered in the course they took was interesting and easy to follow; indicated the course they took was easy to navigate and understand; liked the pace of the course they took; and enjoyed that online learning allowed the flexibility of learning at their own convenience and pace. By July 2017, every registrant had gone through the MCE program at least once. Following this milestone, RECO issued a request for proposals in 2017 to select an organization to conduct a comprehensive review of the program the following year. The goal is to assess how MCE is meeting the goals and objectives set for the program, and to identify modifications that can ultimately enhance the learning experience, deliver even better education to registrants and strengthen consumer protection. 20/ RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT/BY THE NUMBERS