Every two years, RECO conducts a survey to get detailed feedback about registrants’ satisfaction with RECO’s services. The feedback from the survey helps us to plan improvements so we can continue to meet our consumer protection mandate. The survey is an opportunity for registrants to help us see what we’re doing well, and identify how we can do things better. In late 2017, an external market research firm conducted the survey on RECO’s behalf. The response to the survey was strong. Almost 10,000 registrants took the time to complete the survey. With a response rate of 13 per cent, the survey has a margin of error of 0.9 per cent (at 95 per cent confidence). REGISTRANT SATISFACTION SURVEY SHOWS RECO MEETING ITS MANDATE WELL Customer service satisfaction VERY SATISFIED • Accuracy and reliability of information provided • Courteousness of staff REASONABLY SATISFIED • Helpfulness of staff • Timeliness of application processing • Staff knowledge • Prompt service to phone inquiries • Prompt response to email inquiries Ease of having voice heard BORDERLINE SATISFIED Delivery of RECO mandate EXCELLENT SATISFACTION • Insurance payment process VERY SATISFIED • Registration process • Informing registrants of key industry issues REASONABLY SATISFIED • Consumer protection • Delivery of consumer education • Industry engagement • Promotion of professional standards/ethics • Inspections & investigations • Mandatory Continuing Education • Registration education • Complaints handling 14/ RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT/2017 HIGHLIGHTS Topics of interest We asked registrants which issues they’re most interested in hearing more about. The top four topics were: • upcoming changes to multiple representation; • offer handling; • professionalism; and • representation agreements. Professionalism in particular saw a big increase in support from registrants. With that in mind, RECO will communicate more about these topics in the coming year. Overall satisfaction Registrants rated their overall satisfaction with RECO at 68 per cent, which is ranked as reasonable satisfaction. This is higher than the 64 per cent benchmark for professional associations. These results reflect the great work by RECO staff, and we will continue to find ways to improve.