2017 HIGHLIGHTS/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /13 Ontario’s real estate landscape is evolving: consumers are more informed than ever, and technology is changing the way real estate salespeople and brokers conduct business. To better meet the demands of tomorrow, RECO set out to create a new program that will help future registrants better serve client needs on day one of the job. Through specialized content development, real-life simulations and rigorous assessments, they will be equipped with more knowledge from the start. In 2017, RECO forged a new partnership with Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (Humber College) and NIIT Canada to build a best-in-class registration education program for the future of the profession. Humber College, one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions, is managing the delivery of the program, including instructor training and learner support. NIIT Canada, the Canadian arm of a global leader in award-winning education development, is using their leading-edge technology infrastructure to build a diverse set of course material and assessments. Program highlights 1/ RICH CONTENT NIIT Canada is working closely with over 30 subject matter experts. These are leaders in the industry who are drawing on extensive experience and thorough understanding of the Ontario marketplace and legislation to assist in the development of course content. This group will continue to grow with individuals who have specialized areas of expertise. The new program will follow the flow of a real estate transaction to reinforce the knowledge and regulations that apply at each stage of a trade. In addition to theory examinations, learners will complete mandatory in-person residential and commercial simulation sessions to demonstrate how well they understand the content. The result will be new registrants who are even better prepared to trade on day one. 2/ DELIVERY OPTIONS Aspiring registrants enrolled in the program will have options for learning: traditional eLearning, as well as eLearning supplemented by in-person classroom or virtual classroom facilitation support. Exciting and innovative learning technologies are being leveraged in the development of the new program. NIIT Canada is even drawing on top talents of programmers from the cinematography and video gaming industries for some of the eLearning design! 3/ KNOWLEDGE SHARING Learners won’t be the only ones to benefit from the rich content of the new program—it will be valuable for practicing salespeople and brokers too. How? The new program will have a knowledge management system that will be available for existing registrants to use. This new online databank of core program content will be indexed and searchable, allowing for just-in- time reference and access to support tools, like job aids, checklists and guides. We look forward to the future of registration education. The new program will enable aspiring registrants to be more job-ready upon entering the profession, ultimately enhancing consumer protection in the Ontario real estate marketplace. RECO’S NEW REGISTRATION EDUCATION PROGRAM: GIVING ASPIRING SALESPEOPLE AND BROKERS A STRONG START The new program will begin accepting learners in mid-2019. The existing program, delivered by the OREA Real Estate College, will continue until the end of 2020, allowing those who are already enrolled to complete their courses.