REGISTRAR'S MESSAGE/RECO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT /11 Providing the public with direct access to disciplinary information has been an objective at RECO. In 2018, we will introduce summaries of our discipline decisions that will help users better understand the details of events and outcomes. We will also make those decisions more readily accessible on our website. A new approach to education Strong registration education provides new salespeople and brokers with the knowledge and confidence needed to trade in real estate, and to provide consistent, high-quality service to their clients. In April 2017, RECO announced the provider to develop and deliver a new education program for aspiring registrants in the province. The new program will launch on July 1, 2019, and it will incorporate leading practices and technologies so that learners are more job ready when they enter the industry. To read more about RECO’s new program for registration education, please flip to page 13. Improving RECO’s service standards In 2017, RECO carried forward its commitment to quality service and continual improvement, which included: • Launching a new Client Services department; • Working to reduce our complaint inventory to reduce processing times; • Processing registration applications faster; and • Creating a quarterly Service Standards Report Card to closely track the impact of our changes, hold ourselves to account and share our progress. To learn more about the actions we have taken to improve RECO’s service standards, please turn to our 2017 “By the Numbers” section on page 16. Looking forward I believe 2017 will be remembered at RECO as a year we advocated for substantive REBBA reform, meaningfully engaged registrants, promoted greater industry professionalism and improved RECO’s service standards. This year of renewal will lead to greater optimization of our resources and technology as we modernize how we conduct enforcement in the public interest.