A Guide to Social Media | 2 Advertising Requirements Remember, if the advertisement is for the brokerage only, the individual broker’s or salesperson’s name and description are not required. For requirement #2 above, the only descriptions that registrants may use to describe their role are: a. Salesperson, Real Estate Salesperson, Sales Representative, or Real Estate Sales Representative b. Broker, or Real Estate Broker c. Broker of Record, or Real Estate Broker of Record See the Advertising Guidelines for more information about descriptions. One of the biggest challenges of advertising with social media is ensuring that the minimum advertising requirements are met. Many social Every advertisement has four key requirements that must be met at all times. 3 4 1 2 media platforms do not easily allow the required information to be displayed and therefore unique solutions must be found. For more detailed information, see the examples provided in this guide or complete the online continuing education elective that deals specifically with social media. The registrant’s name as registered with RECO. Did you know? You can register a trade name with RECO! A trade name is an alias an individual elects to use instead of his/her given name. For example Elizabeth Jacobs may prefer to be called Betty Jacobs. Contact RECO today to find out how to register your trade name. A description of the registrant’s role. The name of the brokerage the registrant works for. The words “brokerage” or “real estate brokerage.”