Registration FAQ

How does someone become a registered real estate salesperson?

In Ontario, you need to complete pre-registration education courses and examinations prior to applying for registration with RECO.

After successfully completing these courses and examinations, you have 12 months from the completion date of the Pre-Registration Program to apply for registration as a salesperson with RECO.

Pre-registration education courses are delivered by Humber College on behalf of RECO. Here is more information about the Real Estate Salesperson Program.

For more information, please refer to the How to become a registrant web page.

I was once registered and now I want to get back into real estate. How do I reinstate my registration?

If you are within two years of your termination date you may complete the Application for Reinstatement: Salesperson/Broker form to RECO’s MyWeb online platform. You must submit a current, original Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Check if you are terminated in excess of 60 days. If your registration is reinstated within a two-year period from the date of termination, you are not required to re-take the pre-registration courses. However, you are required to complete mandatory continuing education courses prior to completing your online application.

If you have been terminated in excess of two years, you will have to successfully complete such courses as determined by the Registrar. This requires a request to be made through our Education Equivalency Assessment program.

Please note that you are not permitted to trade until your registration has been reinstated.

I’ve lost my registration certificate.

The MyRECO Certificate app allows you to display your RECO registration certificate on your mobile device.

Why hasn’t my renewal been processed yet?

Occasionally, due to high volumes of applications there may be slight delays in processing renewals. Renewals are processed in order by the date on which they are received.

Please note that there is a provision in REBBA 2002 that provided all requirements of registration have been met and the application and fee payment is received by RECO prior to expiry, the registration is deemed to continue should it not be processed prior to expiry.

I want to take a break from real estate, what do I need to do?

If you are considering taking a break from real estate, understand that your status with RECO is either registered or terminated. If you are registered, you are permitted to trade, while if you are terminated you are not permitted/allowed to trade. There is no reference in REBBA 2002 that pertains to trading activity volumes. Should you choose to take a break from trading in real estate, you can remain registered with RECO or terminate your registration. Please note once you terminate, you may reinstate your registration anytime within two years of the effective termination date if all educational requirements are met.

How do I terminate my registration?

You may terminate your registration at any time. Under REBBA 2002 you must provide your current broker of record with written notice of your resignation along with an effective date. Within five business days a copy of the letter must be submitted to RECO. Your brokerage completes the termination process via MyWeb.

How do I transfer my registration to another brokerage?

Under REBBA 2002 you must provide your current broker of record with written notice of your resignation along with an effective date. Transfers are processed online via My Web by your new broker of record. Once you have provided your new brokerage with a copy of your resignation letter, they can process the transfer on your behalf and you can resume trading immediately.

Can I trade with a different name?

REBBA 2002 clearly states that individuals must register under the complete legal surname and may use an initial or commonly recognized short form of the first name and must only trade in real estate under the name by which they are registered. (O. Reg. 567/05, s. 8)

Affidavits are required for registrants wishing to use a “Canadianized” version of a first name. The affidavit must indicate the full legal name and the name that they are commonly known as (for the purpose of trading).

The surname clause is very straightforward. We only accept “changed” surnames in the case of an individual assuming their spouse’s surname (copy of marriage certificate required) or proof of a legal name change (copy of legal name change certificate required).

To request a “first” name change, please complete the application for Notice of Name Change: Salesperson/Broker and attach the applicable supporting documentation.

How can I obtain a history of my employment?

Please submit requests to including a signed and dated request with your RECO registration number. If the purpose for the employment history is to obtain registration in another province, you must indicate this in your request so that RECO can send the history to the appropriate regulatory body directly.

There is a minimum $25 processing fee, which may be greater depending on how far back we need to search our records.

I’ve previously declared bankruptcy or a consumer proposal or I’m currently in the bankruptcy or consumer proposal process, can I still apply for registration?

Bankruptcies and/or consumer proposals must be disclosed when applying for registration with RECO, discharged or otherwise. While it will not necessarily result in denial of registration it is important to provide details with the application so that we make an informed decision on the application.

Under normal circumstances bankruptcies do not prevent registration. There may be conditions set upon their registration that the individual may be requested to voluntarily enter into.

I’m currently registered and I just declared bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. When and how do I let RECO know?

Under REBBA 2002 you must inform the Registrar’s office within five days of filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. It also must be disclosed on any upcoming applications with RECO, even if it is discharged.

When you inform the Registrar’s office you must include:

    • a signed and dated statement including full particulars of the circumstances that lead to the filing
    • Form 69: Assignment of Bankruptcy
    • Form 79: Statement of Assets, Liabilities
    • Form 65: Monthly Income and Expense Statement
    • Form 84: Certificate of Discharge (if applicable)

Under normal circumstances bankruptcies do not result in revocation of registration. However, you may be asked to voluntarily enter into conditions upon your registration.

I have a criminal record or I have charges pending against me. Can I still apply for registration?

Criminal charges and/or convictions must be disclosed on an application for registration with RECO regardless of when it happened or the disposition. While it will not necessarily result in denial of registration, it is important to provide details with the application so that RECO can make an informed decision on the application.

You must submit a fingerprint verified report of your criminal record with your application for registration. This process can take up to 4 months.

In addition, you might be asked to attend a meeting to further discuss and clarify any concerns regarding your suitability for registration under REBBA 2002.

I’m currently registered and I have been charged, found guilty, pleaded guilty or been convicted of a crime. When and how do I let RECO know?

Under REBBA 2002 you must disclose any changes to the information provided on your previous application to the Registrar’s office within five days of the change, which includes declaration of charges and convictions. Failure to do this could result in charges of non-disclosure being laid under REBBA 2002.

The options open to the Registrar when reviewing new or renewal applications of concern are the following:

  1. Process the application and approve registration or continued registration
  2. Process the application and approve the registration with voluntary conditions applied to the registration
  3. Propose to refuse/revoke the registration of the individual (15 days to appeal the proposal to the License Appeal Tribunal, upon receipt of written decision)

I’m having issues with my employment and or commission matters at the brokerage, can RECO help?

Issues of employment, including issues surrounding commissions, are not within RECO’s jurisdiction.

It may be that the matter will need to be settled via the court system.

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