Smoother registration renewal process

You asked. We listened.

Brokers of record often ask us how they can support a smoother process for registration renewals.

With busy schedules, it can be a challenge to remember how and when to renew. To assist, we send renewal reminders at 60, 30 and 10-day intervals leading up to the registration expiry date to allow for continuous registration.

Here are our top suggestions to help make the renewal process run smoothly.

    • Review current address, email, and phone numbers on MyWeb to confirm that the information is current.
    • Those with conditions on their registration should review them to see what may be needed for renewal and have it handy.
    • If any new information will be disclosed for offences, changes in bankruptcy status, other employment, or business ownership, have the information or documentation handy.
    • Check MyWeb to see that we have received the application, and be patient as we process it.
    • Install the MyRECO Certificate app on a smartphone for confirmation of registration status
    • Complete MCE courses early. Beat the rush and do it today!
    • Check MyWeb to confirm receipt of your application. Call or email us ONLY if your application does not show as received on MyWeb.