FAQ: RECO’s mandatory continuing education (MCE) site updates

​​Q1. Why is RECO changing the mandatory continuing education (MCE) site?

​A1. RECO delivers the MCE program on a learning management system (LMS), which registrants may know as the MCE site. We conducted a comprehensive review of the MCE program and the feedback included recommendations to enhance the current learner experience. In an effort to enhance the delivery of e-learning for real estate professionals, we are launching a new, enhanced LMS.

​Q2. When is this happening?

​A2. We are currently in the testing phase of the new LMS. As part of the MCE site upgrade process, the MCE site will be unavailable January 23-30, 2023 (blackout period). The new MCE site will be launched on January 31, 2023.

​Q3. What are the benefits of the new MCE site?

​A3. Our goal was to improve the learner experience and the way registrants access information. The new MCE site will provide more course resources and a learning library. It will also allow new delivery formats, including smaller learning pieces, additional knowledge checks, and other learning modes.

​Q4. What can I expect from these changes?

​A4. As of January 2023, the MCE program requirements will include the completion of two annual update courses and two elective courses. The first group of registrants who will be affected by the new MCE program are those who have a registration cycle that starts on or after January 1, 2023. Each annual update course will be shorter and will enable registrants to receive up-to-date information on an annual basis instead of bi-annually.

​Q5. Does the new MCE site comply with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA)?

​A5. Yes, the new MCE site will support accessibility requirements. RECO is committed to meeting the objectives and requirements outlined in AODA to accommodate the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner.

​Q6. Does my expiry date remain the same?

​A6. Yes, your registration expiry date will not change if you do not terminate your registration.

​Q7. Do I still need to renew my registration every two years?

​A7. Yes, you are still required to complete your educational requirements and submit a registration renewal application every 24-month registration cycle. The registration process has not changed.

​Q8. Do I get extra time added to my registration cycle to complete courses?

​A8. No, you will not be provided with extra time to complete your MCE requirements and submit your registration renewal application. If you have a registration expiry date between January 23 and 30, 2023, you must complete your MCE requirements prior to January 22, 2023.

​Q9. Do I need to pay again?

​A9. No, the payment process for the MCE program has not changed. Once you make your payment for the MCE program, you will have access to MCE courses until your registration expiry date.

​However, effective March 1, 2023, the registration renewal application fee for individuals will be reduced and will now be paid together with the $44 mandatory education (MCE) fee to reduce the number of payments required from registrants. By combining these two fees into one, the biennial payment for registrants, subject to mandatory continuing education requirements, will be $350 ($306 + $44), down from $434 ($390 + $44).

​Q10. What platforms does the MCE site support?

​A10. The new MCE site will support a minimum of Windows 10 and macOS 12 operating systems. The new MCE site will now support tablets operating with iOS 15 and Android OS 10. The LMS supports the latest browser versions on the following platforms:

    • ​Windows Operating System – Edge and Chrome
    • ​macOS – Safari and Chrome
    • ​iPads – Safari
    • ​Android tablets – Chrome

​Q11. What happens if I forget to log off?

​A11. If you forget to log off and your computer has been idling for less than three hours, your progress will be saved. If your computer idles for more than three hours, you will be taken to where you last left off before the maximum idle time.

​Q12. How do I log into the MCE site and get access?

​A12. MCE requirements are completed online and can be accessed on MyWeb.

​After logging into MyWeb, select “Dashboard”, and in the “Education” section, select the “Mandatory Continuing Education” button.

​Q13. Where can I find my completed courses?

​A13. Your completed courses will appear in your MyWeb account in the “Education” tab.

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