Registrant feedback is essential to the future of education

The real estate sector is changing, and RECO’s education programs are changing to adapt.

Late last year, RECO announced its vision for the future of registration education. RECO invited comments from registrants, other regulators, education providers, and the general public. RECO also gathered feedback from the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). As the current provider of registration education, OREA provided a detailed submission with suggestions on how RECO could make registration education better.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment.

The feedback was largely supportive of the plan, which would help new brokers and salespersons to “hit the ground running” when they enter the real estate profession.

Common threads emerged in the feedback. Some respondents said they’d like RECO to implement a mandatory mentorship program for new registrants. And other respondents said they thought that a real estate degree or diploma should be mandatory for those entering the profession.

All submissions are appreciated and will be carefully considered.

RECO will provide a more detailed summary of the feedback in the coming months.

There are four key components to RECO’s vision:

    • Key topics that are currently covered in the articling phase would be moved to the pre-registration phase.
    • Working with education experts, RECO would develop a new curriculum for pre-registration, articling and broker education.
    • To make sure that students are on track, they would demonstrate what they have learned by completing scenarios based on real-life situations at several points during their education.
    • After completing their courses, students would have to pass an independent certification exam.

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