RECO welcomes Kate Murray as CEO

Like a homebuyer who’s found that perfect house, when Kate Murray heard about the CEO position she knew it was a match.

“I was impressed by RECO’s strong performance and reputation, and I support RECO’s mission, so it was a natural fit,” she says.

Kate joined RECO in early September following a 26-year career in the Ontario public service that included significant work in regulatory areas. Notably, she served as Director of Titles for over two decades. During that time Kate was instrumental in transforming the province’s land registration system. In her most recent position, she served as Assistant Deputy Minister for a large division of ServiceOntario.

“I’ve been in many roles that involve serving and protecting consumers. As CEO, I will continue to advance the impressive progress that RECO has made,” Kate says.

Kate has jumped head-first into meeting with staff, key stakeholders in the real estate sector, and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

“One thing I’ve noted in my short time at RECO is that people in the real estate world are serious about professionalism,” she says. “It’s been very encouraging.”

When Kate’s not busy at RECO she’s a sports enthusiast. She enjoys skiing, attending many kinds of sporting events, and volunteers with a local Toronto basketball club. Kate also loves to travel. On a recent trip to Newfoundland she was charmed by the beautiful scenery and the interesting, friendly people she met.

As a keen follower of world events, she has a special admiration for people who are willing to stand up for what they believe.

“I am inspired by people who are driven to make a difference, as it sets the standard for everyone,” she says.

That inspiration will motivate Kate as she guides RECO’s future.

“The real estate sector is constantly evolving. The way we interact with registrants and consumers is evolving. I think it’s a very exciting time,” she says.

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