New Registrar’s Bulletin on advertising compliance

In response to registrant feedback, RECO is making changes to further help registrants comply with regulations, starting with a new process to review advertising before it is published.

A Registrar’s Bulletin describes a new procedure whereby RECO will review registrant advertising before it is published. RECO will review the advertisement when asked to do so by a Broker of Record. The bulletin also introduces a new process for registrant-based complaints about advertising.

All registrants should review the bulletin as soon as possible.

The changes are intended to:

    • Elevate advertising compliance;
    • Promote accountability for brokerage advertising among brokers of record; and,
    • Encourage registrants to settle more disputes amongst themselves before taking a complaint to RECO.

The changes took effect January 1, 2016.

Feedback from registrants has told us that they would like to see improved services and communication from RECO, and this is one of many improvement’s we’re making. For more information on the changes and the research supporting the changes, watch this webinar.

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